Why transforming agriculture at home and abroad is key to rebuilding our economy.
Driving across the United States, the landscape of genetically modified corn stretches for hundreds of miles. Same crop, same variety, same methods, even the same seed company dominates the heartland--visual proof of the dominance of industrial agriculture. (Most of this vast sea of corn is used for animal feed or ethanol production rather than for human consumption...)
I cannot recall ever visiting an academic center where so many people, including guests from the community, are as excited
After a half-century of pioneering work by farmers and scientists, agroecology has finally penetrated international policy circles.
"Together with the Pollination Project, we are bringing opportunities to young environmentalists around the globe so that
In order to truly live out the ethics that were first set out for permaculture, the values of frugality, thrift, prudence, and simplicity need to be reworked into how we care for the earth and care for people.
The climate news gets scarier by the day. February obliterated all records as the warmest seasonally-adjusted month since measurements began. At this rate, we're on a path to blow through the 1.5º C temperature rise the nations of the world set as a goal at COP21 in a few years.
Another skirmish in the global battle over GMOs has broken out. Recently, a coalition of students delivered a petition with 57,309 signatures to ISU's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences protesting an upcoming human feeding trial of genetically engineered (GE) bananas.
According to the New York Times, Terror paralyzes. It silences and it divides. It pulls a veil over the intentions behind