America is ready to move forward with the ACA. Why is Congress holding us back?
The latest GOP health care bill includes deep cuts to Medicaid. Slashing the program would be especially tough on nursing home patients, many of whom rely on it for health care.
For Justin Martin, who has cerebral palsy, the opportunity to go to college hinges on his access to Medicaid.
The Congressional Budget Office announced that the Republican Senate bill, which includes deeper Medicaid cuts than the House version, would cause 22 million people to lose their health care coverage. The plan would hit low-income Americans, women and seniors especially hard.
Senate Democrats held a 6-hour talkathon to protest the secrecy around the health care bill.
"Nobody's hiding the ball here. You're free to ask anybody anything," Sen. Mitch McConnell said after reporters were barred from asking questions in the halls.
Women make 80 percent of all health care decisions in the U.S.
President Donald Trump’s budget proposal makes huge cuts to to Medicaid.
Seriously? They voted on a bill that would hurt 24 million Americans, but that they never actually read?