ahmaud arbery

The three white men charged in the killing of the 25-year-old Black man in Georgia have been convicted of murder.
Gregory McMichael, Travis McMichael and William Bryan were also convicted of attempted kidnapping charges.
A jury in Georgia is hearing arguments from prosecutors and defense attorneys on whether the 2020 killing of Ahmaud Arbery was a federal hate crime.
The Department of Justice rested its case Friday after hearing witnesses testify in the federal hate crimes trial of the three men who killed Ahmaud Arbery.
Prosecutors say Travis McMichael made racist statements about Black people on social media and in private messages.
Opening statements began Monday in the federal hate crime trial for the three men who murdered Ahmaud Arbery.
Driver D'Monterrio Gibson "was simply Black while working," his lawyer said. A white father and son have been arrested.
Travis and Gregory McMichael saw their plea deals tossed by a federal judge earlier this week after Arbery’s family objected.
Travis McMichael reversed his plan to plead guilty in the federal case days after a U.S. District Court judge rejected terms of a plea deal.
The judge said she would reject an agreement for another of the men if it were brought to her. Arbery's mother called the deals a "betrayal."