ahmed ahmed

In this episode, comedian Ahmed Ahmed explains why he told his agent to stop calling him for terrorist roles.
In the spring of 2009, a dozen American and international comedians and I set out for the Middle East on a four-country comedy tour. What we embarked on was groundbreaking, to say the least.
Click here: This interview continues on my website. The documentary - of a tour of Middle Eastern countries by Ahmed and
And while the point - that humans of all nationalities, ethnicities and beliefs share the ability to laugh - may seem obvious
Ahmed takes us on a whirlwind tour of the comedy club circuit from Dubai to Beirut to Riyadh to Cairo. The movie is funny, enlightening, and I'll bet quite surprising to a Western audience.
If we can laugh at each other, we can love each other. Comedy is about comparing and contrasting differences. As long as you take a respectful approach, religious differences can be funny.
It is rare that anything related to the Middle East makes me laugh at loud. But Just Like Us, starring and directed by the Egyptian-American comedian and actor Ahmed Ahmed, had me laughing until it hurt.