Ahmed Maher

The third anniversary of the 25 January revolution has passed with a recurring scenario despite the change in roles and the
In December, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s spokesperson released a statement condemning the Egyptian government’s
Ahmed Maher, Ahmed Douma and Mohamed Adel are symbols of the protest movement that ignited the historic 2011 uprising against
Egypt's public prosecutor referred leading political activist Ahmed Maher for trial on Thursday on charges that include protesting without permission, a judicial official said.
It's a bit of a stretch to make Mark Gitenstein, U.S. Ambassador to Romania, a poster child for technology-fueled activism, but I'm going to take a whack at it.
With elections in Tunisia happening this week, and with Egypt's just around the corner, we need to be prepared to accept an outcome that may be disappointing to some, but should not be surprising to anyone.
Last night, several Egyptian Activists and bloggers were arrested while spraying graffiti banners promoting El Baradei. But their real crime is that they are trying to summon a spirit that is evil in the eyes of the current regime.
Jailed on false charges and still 19 months away from presidential elections, democracy activists face escalated police brutality, attempting to diable their demostrative impact against Mubarak's oppressive regime.