Over a three month period beginning in August, the jurors reviewed each submission online, then developed a short list for
Further, based on input from stakeholders, we have refined the PTAB rules a number of times, and we continue to remain open
One step up from a tent, HGA's new camper cabins pack a lot more punch. Whitetail Cabin, by HGA; Paul Crosby Photography
These new and renovated community spaces were awarded AIA's annual Library Building Award.
Mrs. Bandaranaike was saying "No" in a very excited tone. She didn't want any part of the refueling. She said if the plane
An oft-cited obstacle we see in work like this is the significant lag time between stabilizing a disaster-stricken area through emergency humanitarian response and the implementing of viable recovery programs which return a sense of normalcy to those affected.
Just like any other trip, I fretted a bit over what to pack, what to wear? After all, Hong Kong is a fashion mecca, shopping destination and everyone is wearing the latest trends. What was everyone wearing this season in Hong Kong? Wearable technology, that's what.
6. Winner, Multifamily Living: Broadway Affordable Housing; Santa Monica, California. 5. Winner, Multifamily Living: Bayview
Architect John Klopf is hanging ten on a surging wave of midcentury modern home restorations in California.
The end is near! Or so it seems. In mid-March, a University of Maryland study concluded that civilization is racing toward collapse, due to extreme economic inequality and over-consumption of resources stretching the earth's carrying capacity.