Even if you've never seen a Bollywood movie, you know the silliness.
Once upon a time, when the bi world was young (1987-1990 or so) and some of us were a bit younger, all the American bi activists seemed to know each other.
Do people "retire" from activism? Can you truly retire from a cause you believe in?
Consulting a few bisexuals, only for quotes in dismissive pieces like the aforementioned, doesn't make up for not running stories on what is really happening in everyday bisexual people's lives. We are so much more than our habits in the bedroom.
Maybe YOU are someone else's role model and you don't even know it, and maybe never will know it. All the more reason you should be out and proud -- and your own role model.
Al Jazeera's The Stream spoke with Khamba about using comedy to make a statement about India's rape culture. AIB is a comedy
Analysts said AIB had taken a lot of pain up front. "They are hoping that 2010 is the peak. There is no sense in not coming