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Layla* is one of them. Her family's home had been destroyed, and her mother could no longer afford to keep her fed or safe
This is an interview with Samara Andrade, who recently returned to the U.S. from Afghanistan, where she was working for the United Nations and teaching yoga classes in the compound where she lived for UN staff, military reservists/military contractors, private sector aid contractors, and European Union civilian and police staff.
In the Grande-Synthe camp outside of Dunkirk in Northern France, aid workers are trying to help the 3,000 refugees stranded there amidst wet, cold and unsanitary conditions until a more permanent camp is built.
In 2004, MSF left Afghanistan entirely when three of its staffers were killed by Afghan military commanders. The group did not return for five years. It has now abandoned Kunduz because of the U.S. airstrike.
James Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haines, and now Abdul-Rahman Kassig. Each of these men dedicated their lives to serving the long-suffering Syrian people, either by sharing with the world their stories and exposing the truth as journalists, or to alleviate their suffering as aid workers.
As Dr. Rick Sacra prepared to fly to Liberia to treat patients in the Ebola zone, he prepared for the worst. He sat down
At the same time humanitarian organizations are being encouraged to rapidly scale-up efforts to contain the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history, increased political rhetoric on travel restrictions threatens to create new barriers to the NGO community's response to this crisis.
To learn more about World Humanitarian Day, visit the United Nations' website. A survey released on the eve of World Humanitarian
The conversation was a followup to a previous HuffPost Live interview with Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani, during which Smith
Many do not realize the deliberative, complex process that goes into addressing the needs of those suffering while balancing the need to protect the lives of international and national staff.
Dora Joseph, 31, is raising four children in a tin-roofed, two-room house nestled in the remote green hills of northwestern Tanzania. Her eyes are tired and dampened with worry.
It is these workers who not only breathe life back into the bereft genocide survivor, but who also help that survivor re-ignite her own spark.
If we're going to improve the field of international development, we need to completely rethink how aid workers can be of greatest service to the communities they intend to help.
The Government of Pakistan has started to take a much tougher stance towards some of the international non-governmental organizations and their staff, thus seriously undermining their ability to reach out to the most vulnerable in a timely manner.
Washington and Islamabad have each staked out such narrow positions and clung to them so stubbornly that neither can regard the Afridi affair with the wider lens it requires. The strange story of Dr. Afridi is a sad commentary on the troubled bilateral relationship.
For decades, as a reporter I had an invisible shield, allowing me to wade into bloody conflicts, interview the killers and the families of the victims. But times have indeed changed.
Flavia Wagner, a former aid worker who was abducted and held captive for 105 days in Darfur in 2010, is suing the charity
The push-button shallowness of Off the Map means it's going to miss the epic tragi-comedy of what working overseas in aid
Nico travelled to Haiti with the crew as our Web Producer and Field Director; his mission was to go into the camps and find
Aid is having a huge impact in poor countries, and it's an impact that will build on itself for generations. Bill and I often think if everybody could see the living proof of progress that is being made, they would be as optimistic as we are.