Aimee Copeland

"She'll be able to utilize a lot of different functions, such as holding a glass. She'll have nine different grasping motions
Hanford isn't the only young women to make headlines over the summer for surviving an encounter with a rare type of flesh
Copeland is also experiencing the sensation of phantom limbs, a post-amputation phenomenon of feeling the removed body parts
Andy Copeland, Aimee’s father, wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday: Copeland was released from the Doctors Hospital in Augusta
Surgeons in the Intensive Care Unit were forced to remove a watermelon-sized section of her torso that had been destroyed
Though Copeland’s father applauded Aimee’s strength in his blog post, he reminded his readers not to see her as an “unreal
As the trophy wife Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on ABC’s hit comedy “Modern Family,” Sofia Vergara is known for making people
The Georgia student, 24, originally refused pain medications due in part to her personal convictions and graduate-school