Ainsley Earhardt

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt lambasted President Joe Biden's idea of free community college for millions.
The late-night host looks at what the right-wing network and former president said about the pandemic a year ago.
Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade practically kissed the ring of their overlord, while Twitter said yuck.
The late-night host also broke out his crystal ball to predict the future for Trump and his cronies.
The "Fox & Friends" co-host tries to describe Trump's alleged industriousness, and Twitter just can't.
Ainsley Earhardt said she hoped Trump would overlook Pence not changing the electoral count — something a vice president doesn't have the authority to do.
Things got awkward on Thursday's episode of "Fox & Friends" during a discussion about coronavirus beach bans.
Ainsley Earhardt of "Fox & Friends" said she was concerned about Trump's immigration suspension, because her au pair.
As the coronavirus claims more lives, Earhardt says her friends are concerned about the state of their hair and their manicure.
The morning show dedicated an entire segment to the country singer's use of a swear word while speaking out about gun violence at Lollapalooza.