But the real battle will be mustering enough Democratic support to override the president's veto.
WASHINGTON -- The American Israel Public Affairs Committee on Wednesday issued its first public direction to Congress to
In his controversial speech, Netanyahu described the administration’s current nuclear negotiations as a short-term solution
On the other hand, AIPAC has, now and again, defended aid to the Palestinians. Last year, for example, it opposed legislation
"Here’s what’s likely to happen without a deal: Iran will install and operate advanced centrifuges," Rice continued. "It
As one of the few speakers at the conference to defend the administration's approach to Iran, former top State Department
A Greater Israel cannot be anything but an apartheid state, and exclusionary ethnic nationalism of this sort is not sustainable in the 21st century. Israel's Arab subjects will eventually demand equal rights, and as former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warned back in 2007, once that happens, "the state of Israel is finished."
"Everyone should know what the letters BDS really stand for: bigotry, dishonesty and shame," he said. The movement has made
"I've spoken quite directly to AIPAC. I've met with AIPAC," Sherman told a roundtable of Israeli journalists in Jerusalem
The last time the nation’s most potent pro-Israel lobbying group lost a major showdown with the White House was when President
HuffPost reported Jan. 15 that Wasserman Schultz, also the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, spoke forcefully
Mara Sloan, a spokeswoman for Wasserman Schultz, didn’t address the White House meeting but reinforced that the congresswoman
The sanctions strategy may pick up steam this week, as lawmakers return their attention to issues beyond the American budget
Congress could remove doubt over Obama's Iran policies by creating a well-defined framework and a timeline that would be mandated by law, leaving no room for Iranian or Israeli uncertainty over the position of the United States.
The idea of another Middle East war is so outlandish that it seems inconceivable it could actually occur.
News on the Iran front gets more and more complicated. I am not referring to the situation on the ground, but in Washington where Congress, deep into election year fundraising with the AIPAC conference looming, is about to pass another sanctions bill.