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Air Canada agents discriminated against Fatima Abdelrahman by forcing her to take her hijab off in a public space, CAIR's San Francisco Bay Area chapter alleges.
Tiffani Adams says she awoke hours after her flight landed, soon lost power in her phone, and was trapped inside the plane.
There are 2 new reasons to get with the program.
Ada Guan had no idea she was 37 weeks pregnant when she boarded a May 11 Air Canada flight from Calgary to Tokyo with her
As every Canadian knows, flying within Canada can cost a small fortune. It's especially jarring when we see the insanely low prices that are available to our American neighbors on budget airlines like Spirit and Southwest.
Photos posted online by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada showed the nose of the airline broken off and one wing
However, given that the average leg room on most American carriers has declined by a full 2-3 inches, is it really that hard
We’ve seen the Jumbotron proposals, flash mob proposals, of course traditional proposals but how about air traffic control proposals?