Air Disasters

The previous administration had promised up to $70 million to a Texas-based firm if it found the plane within 90 days.
A cockpit windshield detached at 32,000 feet. "The next thing I know, my co-pilot had been sucked halfway out of the window.”
One passenger said she “heard a big bang and the plane started to shake violently."
The Saratov Airlines airplane went missing from radars soon after taking off from Moscow's Domodedovo airport on Sunday.
Officials said at least four other people were injured in the incident.
None of the 168 people on board the Pegasus Airlines flight was injured in the accident.
A U.S.-based tech company will lead the renewed hunt for the jetliner that vanished in 2014.
From Afghanistan to Somalia, Special Ops achieves less with more.
If what he wrote at 9:13 a.m. is so obviously silly, why should anyone pay attention to what he wrote at 9:08?
The last major overhaul of airline safety actually took place during the Obama administration.
Two pilots and the families' tour guide also died in the New Year's Eve crash.
Fatalities on commercial jetliners have been falling for the past two decades.
Richard Cousins, CEO of Compass Group, as well as his sons, fiancee and fiancee's daughter were killed in the New Year's Eve crash in Sydney.
The pilot, along with two daughters, a son-in-law and a family friend, were killed in the accident.
At least 30,000 people were affected by incident, which caused more than 1,500 flights to be canceled.
“I have spent three decades in this field, and the last five years have been among the most productive I have ever witnessed.”
Unlike the case in many other major cities, its transit system has largely avoided extremist attacks.
The U.S. Seventh Fleet says search and rescue efforts are under way.