air force one

When Trump was president, he came up with a color scheme for Air Force One that resembled his failed Trump Shuttle airline.
The "Late Show" host compares two odd presidential moments.
The president was uninjured, but the accident reminded Twitter users of a similar incident in 1975 involving President Gerald Ford.
Former President Donald Trump reportedly invited Kim Jong Un on Air Force One following their 2019 summit in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Trump's aides were "stunned" by the offer to the North Korean dictator.
Even after the Village People asked him to stop using their song, Trump did anyway in a scene people called "surreal" and like a "fever dream."
The outgoing president is reportedly leaving for his Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida so he can take one last flight aboard Air Force One.
Three Republican representatives slammed for putting passengers at risk.
Reckless disregard for coronavirus safety precautions comes home — and a White House event for Amy Coney Barrett may have been a superspreader event.
"Sarah Cooper is being mean to me! I don’t like it when girls are mean to me!" mocked one Twitter wag.