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Charles Muir has been doing air guitar for years, but only recently realized its physical benefits.
A fitness expert demonstrates the "Air Guitar Workout."
Blumenkrants is the first Russian contestant to have taken home the top prize.
We're not stringing you along -- this is a real competition.
2013 Air Guitar Champion Eric "Mean Melin" Melin joins Mike to talk about getting to the championship and why air guitar competitions are just as legitimate as pop music.
This Spring I visited The Girl With a Pearl Earring show at the de Young Museum in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. It was a gorgeous sunny day, nevertheless I found myself spending many hours inside, astounded by the paintings from the Mauritshuis in the Hague, which is undergoing a major renovation.
The air guitar world championships have been played in Oulu since 1996. (Reporting by Attila Cser, Writing by Terhi Kinnunen
It certainly seemed that way. A packed bar cheered on the solo love makers as they motorboated, thrust and smacked their
Matt Burns, aka "Airistotle", was the repeat winner of the New York leg of the US Air Guitar championships Thursday, WTSP
The legendary air guitar champ and hysterically funny live performer that hails from Davenport, IA (you can hear it in his
Magic Cyclops told the judges that it was "judges choice day" and gave them the option of hearing him sing Neil Diamond's
A video uploaded to YouTube Saturday caught a Chicago rider jamming to his own beat on a CTA bus. The impromptu performance
The competition was held this weekend at Chicago's Metro, a legendary venue in the city, and while New York's Airistotle
The next time you find yourself at a great concert, let your inner air musician fly. You're just reflecting the way your body wants to understand the music. And when the band tells you to clap, join in. You'll end up feeling much closer to everyone else in the crowd.