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The Boeing 737 split in two while landing Friday in heavy rain in southern India.
The program ensures no solo female passengers are given middle seats, and even assists with safe transport.
The accident happened when the plane was being moved from an airport gate.
Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has made it a mission to promote yoga, sparking new initiatives throughout the country
Chabra first posted the five-minute rap video to YouTube on Feb. 13 with the following disclaimer: "I'm working Air India
The 50 technologically advanced Dreamliners in global service have been grounded since mid-January as officials in the United
The employee continued to comment that it was a few hours after the diverted landing that the crew was informed the next
An Air India Express co-pilot on a May 25th flight from Dubai to Pune, India nearly killed the plane's 113 passengers when
Pilots and cabin crew have come to blows on an international flight bound for India, media reports say. Read more on BBC