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The “Nicest Christmas Ever” commercial includes a direct quote from the U.S. president.
Don’t worry, we’ll still be over here clicking refresh for all the domestic trips we’ve got coming up.
Award space never opened up on any of my Air New Zealand flights. Then on half of them, sitting in the cabin on my travel
When a good friend of mine asked what should be on her itinerary for her upcoming visit to New Zealand, I drilled down a list of experiences that would provide the best, most representative taste of what this amazing country has to offer.
Looking back on my wanderings last year, I flew a lot of miles on a lot of airlines and slept in a lot of beds. Here are my shout outs for the best and most memorable experiences in air travel, hotel stays, and city visits.
By featuring Masatashi Ohno, a popular Japanese surfer, and Gabriel Medina, the current world champion from Brazil, Air New
While seeing the places you know and are familiar with is all fine and well, sometimes, adventuring into the unknown can be immensely rewarding.
Like "The Hobbit" films, the epic safety video is part of a trilogy of its own. In 2012, before the first "Hobbit" movie
In a startling change of plans, Delta Air Lines today confirmed that it will retire four of its Boeing 747s beginning in September.
"As far as their [the scientists'] outlook on climate change, I think fear and worry sort of went out the window a decade
Imagine my horror then, the next time I flew Virgin America, and witnessed this abomination: a five-minute long, professionally-choreographed singing and dancing video.
The beloved 91-year-old comedian Betty White has a new starring role in Air New Zealand's latest in-flight safety video. I don't think it's one of her finest performances.
Richard Simmons exercised his way through one. Bear Gryllis went outdoors for another. The "Hobbit" was, predictably, involved
Take a look at the adorable ceremony! "Modern Family" star and gay marriage advocate Jesse Tyler Ferguson was also onboard
My favorite Aitutaki motu was probably Tapuaetai, the world's only "deserted island" with its own post office.
Last month Air New Zealand, New Zealand's leading brand in social media for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube held its second Social Media Breakfast with speakers Teddy Goff, President Obama's Digital Director, Futurist Ross Dawson.
TV host and survival expert Bear Grylls stars in a new in-flight safety video for Air New Zealand which will be played on
There's no better way to see the ebb and flow in the world of aviation than to go back and review the events of the past year. As I look at what I saw fit to write about in 2012, I appreciate the unconventional approach some airlines have taken in response to the rapid changes in the industry.