air traffic control

The Federal Aviation Administration said air traffic control staffing issues had led it to “adjust operations to a safe rate.”
An air traffic controller and his pregnant wife will soon pay the price if President Donald Trump’s partial shutdown is not resolved soon.
"I was thinking, like, I'm going to have this moment of serenity," said the man flying the stolen aircraft.
Air traffic control agency Eurocontrol issued the warning in the eastern Mediterranean for the next 72 hours.
The last major overhaul of airline safety actually took place during the Obama administration.
A few days ago I was a guest of NASA at the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center which is located on the grounds of Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert.
In fact, that Nelson's bill is an attempt to bust through precisely that; a legislative ban on what the FAA can do to ensure
We must address -- today -- how air traffic control will move into the 21st century, how we are going to recruit people to become pilots amidst a national pilot shortage and how we can jump start our aircraft manufacturing industry.
Our strictly controlled airspace will soon become a society in the sky. Much like Star Wars, there is already a battle between the good and the evil, as the feds and the states try to police and regulate drones.
My wife Sandy comes from a family of hoarders, so we've been dealing with that. She occasionally makes me laugh and rarely
WASHINGTON (AP) — A study the government kept secret for years says that air traffic controllers' work schedules often lead
On April 5, Kevin DeGood of the Center for American Progress published "4 Essential Questions About Air Traffic Control Privatization." The article went through potential fears some Americans may have if Congress were to take air traffic control governance out of direct congressional control. While change can be frightening, it is probably not as scary as DeGood has suggested.
We’ve seen the Jumbotron proposals, flash mob proposals, of course traditional proposals but how about air traffic control proposals?
There is no doubt that all the great powers, especially the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, will oppose any move for global tracking of flights. They have had a long track record of weakening, rather than strengthening, global multilateral institutions. They have even weakened multilateral institutions like the World Health Organization and the International Atomic Energy Agency, even though we have a global interest in strengthening them to prevent pandemics like Ebola and nuclear proliferation.
Flight 630 was a mere 1,000 feet from the ground over Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport when air traffic control