air traffic control

A threat to crash a plane into the U.S. Capitol was broadcast on a New York air traffic control system by someone vowing revenge for the Iranian general's death.
The FAA is looking into the actor’s incident after he lost control of a small plane Friday. He crossed the runway after mishearing an instruction from air traffic control.
Planes do dump jet fuel in emergency landings, but this one flew at low altitude over a populated area, affecting nearly 60 children and adults.
The Federal Aviation Administration said air traffic control staffing issues had led it to “adjust operations to a safe rate.”
An air traffic controller and his pregnant wife will soon pay the price if President Donald Trump’s partial shutdown is not resolved soon.
"I was thinking, like, I'm going to have this moment of serenity," said the man flying the stolen aircraft.
Air traffic control agency Eurocontrol issued the warning in the eastern Mediterranean for the next 72 hours.
The last major overhaul of airline safety actually took place during the Obama administration.
A few days ago I was a guest of NASA at the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center which is located on the grounds of Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert.