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A second federal investigation into the deceased financier asked whether he had concealed international travel.
Air safety concerns finally made the longest U.S. government shutdown in history untenable. Credit workers for that.
"Do we have your attention now, Leader McConnell?" the Association of Flight Attendants union said.
The president of the National Air Traffic Controller's Association has warned that he holds deep concerns for the safety and security of airlines and travelers.
This is the third union to sue the Trump administration for making federal employees work without pay during the government closure.
A group of organizations associated with the aviation industry urged Donald Trump and other leaders to put an end to the partial shutdown.
“With the baby coming, it’s scary,” one air traffic controller said.
His intent was "not to harm anyone. He was right in saying there are so many people who loved him."
WASHINGTON (AP) — A study the government kept secret for years says that air traffic controllers' work schedules often lead
Delta Airlines is investigating a heated exchange between one of their pilots and an air traffic controller.
The best way to solve the airport slumber-party problem may not be to schedule two controllers on overnight shifts. A cheaper alternative is to redesign schedules so controllers can get enough sleep.
The air traffic control profession just can't get a break. Nevertheless, sending a passenger plane to play fighter jet is wrong in all sorts of ways.
turtlemom4bacon, flickr An air traffic control supervisor has been suspended for the second time in one week -- this time has a list of well-paying jobs you can skip college for, based on statistics based on compiled by and the Bureau
An air traffic controller's stunt in letting his 9-year-old twins direct planes has landed with a thud - on the kids. Glenn
In a bombshell that could dramatically impact the raging debate over health care, House Minority Leader John Boehner admitted that he had allowed his son to shape the Republican health care plan.