airasia flight 8501

Sources told Reuters the captain of was out of his seat conducting an unusual procedure when his co-pilot apparently lost
The plane was flying at 32,000 ft (9,753 meters) and the pilot had asked to climb to 38,000 ft just before contact was lost
"It appears to be beyond the performance envelope of the aircraft," he said. The Indonesian-led search for the wreck of Flight
The disappearance of AirAsia flight 8501 caps a bizarre year in aviation, marred by a series of air disasters. Often one of the first techno jargons we hear when an aviation disaster occurs is locating the “black box”. But what is it?
AIR FRANCE CLUES? The former fighter pilot also flew with the Indonesian Air Force, according to friends and family. "He
(Writing by Robert Birsel; Editing by Richard Borsuk) Transport Ministry official Hadi Mustofa said the aircraft, flight