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Airbnb claims that its typical New York host is just a regular person with spare room in his or her apartment, trying to make ends meet. But more than 100 Airbnb hosts use the site to make six figures a year.
In the Town of Riverhead, rentals for 29 days or less are prohibited. This law applies to the Riverhead hamlets of Aquebogue
A 10-bedroom “modern boho open space” in the East Village that runs just $10 a night might seem like a scam to the discerning
If Schneiderman does find such cases, Airbnb will be forced to identify the users by name and other personal information
Schneiderman's office issued a subpoena for the records back in October, but Airbnb officials had fought to keep them private
The full letter below: The New York Daily News reports Public Advocate Letitia James has penned a scathing letter to the
"I think this is an area we still haven't sorted through, all levels of government haven't sorted through, and we have to
Airbnb'ing your place is not as easy as it seems! Like any income-generating business, it requires doing your homework and a lot of planning. That being said, doing it right can be very lucrative, sometimes generating more income than your full-time job.
Airbnb posted a video for Bill de Blasio Monday, or more specifically, a video for the New York City mayor-elect's friends