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Airbnb'ing your place is not as easy as it seems! Like any income-generating business, it requires doing your homework and a lot of planning. That being said, doing it right can be very lucrative, sometimes generating more income than your full-time job.
Many people use Airbnb as a convenient way of booking accommodations when they travel, but there have been some changes to the company's website lately. New members now have to upload their passport information, but apparently if that passport is iranian, it's denied the service.
Airbnb provided Warren a lawyer in the case, the first time the popular startup has felt the need to step in and defend itself
Airbnb is now requiring site users to "verify" their offline and online identities. Here's how to do it -- and here are the consequences.
Craigslist is a totally free way for renters to hook up with travelers looking for a place to stay, though the site has no
Sometimes, a couch just doesn't cut it. For travelers looking for a bit more bang for a lot more bucks, vacation rentals