Orders for and deliveries of Boeing jets have plummeted since the planemaker came under scrutiny following two deadly crashes.
After the nuclear deal, Iran hoped to replace more than 200 of its planes. It has only received 11.
As we mark the one-year anniversary of the announcement of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) this week, the Iranian regime continues to repress its people. Far from a new era of freedom, there has been no meaningful change in the regime's deplorable human rights record.
The flight attendants are very attentive and offered me a choice of apple juice, blueberry juice, or Champagne once I settled
The first clues as to what happened on board Flight MS804.
Here's some important background on the tragic crash.
Certainly it's far from unknown for companies to use sales as a metric in test-and-learn initiatives. Consumer-product companies, for example, regularly use A/B marketing tests to see whether they are on the right track with a new product.
What was going through your head when you decided that your flight from Detroit to Chicago would be the best time to cut your toenails. Ewww, gross.
But the physician didn't inform aviation authorities or the airline about Andreas Lubitz's illness, a report has found.