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Today, of course, airlines everywhere are scaling back, devising ever more ways to cut, condense, or charge customers for
If you thought airplane space was already limited, wait till you see this. Last week, Airbus unveiled a new plan for its
Is Thai the best airline in the world? No. Is Thai the best airline in Asia? No. However, Thai is a great airline, Thailand
Emirates trains its real pilots on a much more complex piece of equipment, where all the knobs and levers actually work and the cockpit shakes on its hydraulic lift. For most of us who've dreamt of earning more than our plastic wings though, this pared-down version is as close as we're likely to get to taking charge of an actual jumbo jet.
Want to know everywhere you can travel on Airbus' A380 superjumbo jet? The company has created a friendly, colorful map of
WATCH the race, above. In a second feat, Habana was joined by his fellow teammate Jean De Villiers, and Chris Robshaw, an
The ATSB spent two and a half years examining Qantas Flight 32. But its report is disappointing in that it has not resolved questions about durability of the plane or the ability of a two-person crew to handle all that went wrong.
Everyone who did not go on a wild ride in a Toyota may be sick to death of the subject just as many people are tired of the debate over whether portable electronic devices should be allowed on flights below 10,000 feet.
The gracious "Singapore Girl" flight attendants in their custom-made, sarong kebaya uniforms -- a traditional Malaysian style of long dress -- were rarely without a smile on their faces.
And what a relief it is for Boeing employees finally to see these jets leave the factory here and head off into the sky. After
The plane I'm about to board, the super-jumbo Airbus A380, has brought a certain excitement back to air travel since its debut in 2007.
The U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced a series of new consumer protection measures that will force airlines
The FAA didn't immediately say how many people were on the double-deck Airbus A380, which can carry 525 passengers in a three
"Today's aircraft engines and aviation are safe. So safe in fact that when "sh*t happens" it is not an issue that it has happened, but rather how the crew respond to manage it and comfort the passengers."
The digitization of all things flight-related has left the station. That all this high-technology may sometimes err is as certain as the fallibility of low-tech humans.
There are important lessons to be learned from Qantas Flight 32. All of which are entirely unrelated to whether and when VH-OQA goes back in the sky.
The recent Qantas near-disaster is being treated with the kind of respect and attention not usually given to events in which everybody goes home unscathed.
The world's largest commercial airliner, the Airbus A380, has landed at Manchester Airport for the first time. Emirates flight