Aircraft carrier

The USS Theodore Roosevelt was sidelined in Guam for two months last year after an explosion of infections plagued the aircraft carrier.
"I certainly don't question his motives," Vice Adm. Bill Merz said of Crozier, who was relieved from the USS Roosevelt after speaking out about the coronavirus.
More than 400 sailors on the Theodore Roosevelt have tested positive for coronavirus after Crozier raised an alarm. Modly is now in quarantine.
Officials speaking to Reuters said Captain Brett Crozier was being relieved for leaking a letter to the media about a coronavirus outbreak on the ship.
The Texas native was the first African American to receive the Navy Cross for valor.
The White House suddenly announced a U.S. aircraft carrier and a bomber wing would be deployed in the Persian Gulf.
At his daily briefing, press secretary Sean Spicer denies that the White House mislead the media on the heading of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson.
It's not just that American consumers are helping to finance the construction of China's war machine. There is also the creeping loss of control over core strategic elements like the US food chain.