There's nothing more exciting than an overseas trip, but that exhilaration shouldn't come with an unexpected price tag. Believe it or not, small expenses can grow fast and in unexpected ways.
For obvious reasons, airlines will often charge more for international flights than it will for domestic or conversely flights
Holiday travel can be crowded and expensive, but opportunities abound for long-term planners and last-minute bargain hunters.
If you want to travel a lot for not a lot of money, Southeast Asia is your destination. And besides being cheap, the region offers some of the world's best party countries, like Thailand and Singapore. And right now, there's a country-hopping deal you simply can't beat.
The number is seven days sooner than last year's estimate of 54 days before takeoff -- it's based on 1.5 billion fares from
Brian Kelly and Ben Schlappig join HuffPost Live to reveal some of the best ways to score cheap flights.
From timing your ticket purchases right to alternative options when it comes to lodging, the experts at Hipmunk offer these tips to help you tackle this year's travel planning with a smart strategy.
But if you're booking flights at the recommended 54 days before your trip, you're most likely in luck. The first flights