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High-speed communication technology has improved drastically in recent years, but the Gogo monopoly has not kept pace with dramatically improving technology. And the angry backlash from flyers and airlines is exploding.
Hyongtae Pae, 72, reportedly threatened to kill passengers who tried to get him back in his seat.
Lowering cabin lights and raising window shades are standard safety measures during takeoff and landing--the most critical
So, after logging in thousands of miles, sometimes days in a row on a plane, I've decided to do my own basic list... and I can tell you this.
Window Person Archetype: - You can hold it in for a very long time. - You sleep A LOT. - You need to lean against something
I explained that I was, I suppose ironically, on my way home from breaking up with someone who had been too old for me, and
Travel is inherently riddled with setbacks, disappointments, and annoyances so how you react to these will determine the outcome of a trip. You have to train yourself to think and react differently. By doing so, you'll enjoy yourself and your trip more (as will everyone around you).
I have never been a great airplane passenger. I prefer to be on the ground. Now that I have learned about Aerotoxic Syndrome, a heath issue not in the public domain, I have a new concern.
Staying comfortable in the air is not always easy. Legroom is tight, planes are packed, and comforting extras, like snacks and entertainment, can cost extra. But Hopper is here to help. We found five ways you can stay comfy on a plane -- and unlike that bag of potato chips, these are all free.
There's even spaces designated for notoriously annoying passengers.