airport style

While there's something to be said for dressing up when traveling, there's no reason to sacrifice comfort. That's especially
Style extends to the carry-on too. Make it a neutral-toned wheelie with a front pocket and an adjustable handle that comfortably
Apparently the Mara and Mine slippers were a gift from stylist Anita Patrickson. The designer's "Jem Skull Slipper" sells
Whenever you travel, you have your essentials: your passport, your carry-on, your in-flight distraction of choice (iPad, Kindle, magazine). Then you have items that are... not so necessary, like these very odd travel gadgets and gizmos.
We never look this chic at the airport.
Travel may not carry the glamour of days gone by, but by trying to make a flight more comfortable we've ended up ruining any of the magic that was left in flying.
I don't know about you, but when I travel by plane it's all about ultra-soft T-shirts, lightweight scarves and comfortable
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