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9)Be Charged Up and Connected: Make sure your phone is fully charged so you can stay connected with what's happening with
We're talking about you, spring breakers in matching T-shirts.
Just when you thought TSA pre-check was your golden ticket.
Read More: Do you know what sucks? Lugging around a parka like a winter Eskimo. Frankfurt Airport (FRA) Honestly, the Germans
We're big proponents of travel hacks -- tips and tricks that make traveling cheaper and easier. But the best hack of 'em all isn't even a hack; it's just knowing a little geography. It might mean a longer drive -- or a short train/bus ride -- when you arrive, but the savings are often well worth it.
The city is a full-on, fantastic cultural assault that may bewilder but never, ever disappoint travelers. Make Istanbul travel-drama free with these important tips.
Have you ever noticed that despite being a spiritual person -- or a good person -- it all goes out the window when you hit that airport security line? Perhaps that's what airports were designed for: to test your spiritual mettle.
Try one of these 10 restaurants the next time you're stuck -- you might be so impressed, you'll make a voluntary trip back (at least at the pre-security locations).
Flying out of Houston or Charlotte this holiday season? You're in luck.
Don't be startled if you accidentally bump into a staff member at Manchester Airport and pass right through them. The British
Talking about your travel debacles is about as appealing as talking about your dreams. So I'll be brief.
We're moving into an age where personal contact is becoming a lost art. Even the check-in at the airport is now done by a computer.