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"I often use it in reference to men when they're being a jerk," the "Unapologetic" host told Andy Cohen.
“I have had an amazing six years," the daytime co-host said.
Your mother's side of the family is very accomplished and complex. Did you grow up with any stories or was it a bit of a
The Emmy nominated series Who Do You Think You Are? returns this spring to follow more of today's most beloved and iconic
Pauly Shore's back and podcasting's got him...again. This freewheeling comedian -- and scion of The Comedy's Store's owner Mitzi Shore -- recently launched The Pauly Shore Podcast Show as part of the Podcast One network.
While the towering six-foot-tall comedian says this is only one of many connections to the LGBT community, she admits it was personal prejudices faced in her interracial relationship that cemented her commitment to marriage equality.
Monday, September 8 marks the 5th Season launch of The Talk on CBS and I participated in a media day for one of the co-hosts, Aisha Tyler. Here are 10 things I learned.
This week, I got the chance to have a laugh out loud conversation with three hosts of one of daytime's hottest shows, The Talk. Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood seem to be having just as much fun together on camera as well as off.
The campaign has already confirmed Jennifer Hudson, Olivia Wilde and Elizabeth Banks for appearances in viral videos that
Zap2It's Andrea Reiher couldn't help giggling over the exchange. Kanye West didn't immediately respond to Tyler's "straight
"The Love Boat" has docked at CBS daytime and the women of "The Talk" couldn't be happier. The iconic CBS primetime series
"The Getaway" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Esquire. Find Esquire in your city/cable provider here. We've got an exclusive
Esquire's "The Getaway" lets travel-loving celebrities explore some of the world’s most amazing cities, and Aisha Tyler's adventure in Paris takes her not to the famous Louvre but to Deyrolle, a Parisian taxidermy hotspot known for hidden treasures, from exotic species to common rodents, to beloved house pets.
"I'm old," she added. "In baby years, that's old to be trying to get pregnant." The co-host was emotional as she talked about
I refuse, like Aisha, to carry my childlessness in me like a shameful secret. I want to share my story and help others learn that they aren't alone.
Aisha did not have to share her story. She did not have to talk about the baby that did not happen. She won't join the ranks of celebrities in their 40s who beat the odds and "just got pregnant." She told her story.
TV Fanatic thought Tyler was the perfect blend of Oprah Winfrey and Gayle Weathers from the "Scream" series in a spot that