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She will face off against incumbent Rep. Nanette Barragán and "Clueless" actress Stacey Dash.
The 35-year-old received about 62 percent of the vote in June.
The Yetunde Price Resource Center is in honor of their late sister.
But new mayor Aja Brown, a 31-year-old urban planner, claims that her city is "on the cusp of a revitalization," and compared
Aja Brown, LA's first female mayor of Compton, talks with Caroline about he she feels that her city is "the new Brooklyn."
Aja Brown, LA's first female mayor of Compton, joins HuffPost Live and discusses her stance on marijuana legalization.
My goal was to make sure that music was accessible to students across the nation, despite their backgrounds. I believe that music is the one thing that really unites us all, that transcends all borders, and this was something I wanted to bring to life.