The lay offs will occur between April 13 and April 30.
"In the end, we built it and they didn’t really come."
Herring Broadcasting Co., a San Diego-based backer of One America News Network, a cable-news network with limited carriage, has hired an investment bank to establish contact with Al Jazeera America executives
Those investigative employees report to Al Jazeera Media Network; they have their own “directorate” within the corporate structure, with offices in Doha, London and Washington.
“It’s journalism, so everything’s unstable and you kind of roll with it,” said one staffer. “But there was no indication that this sort of thing was coming.”
Al Jazeera, which made a massive investment in covering the United States less than three years ago, is slamming the brakes
Mary Caraccioli, the network's senior vice president of news output, has parted ways with the company.
Al Jazeera America host Ali Velshi joins HuffPost Live to discuss the launch of the new network and how it will be different from other cable news networks.