When Doerries puts on a show, a Greek chorus from the heavens sings praise of the scale of his ambition, and well, yes... hubris. He has taken the very same Greek dramatists that have inspired the culture wars and the politics of identity, and redeployed them in the service of public health.
Like most people of my generation from the Netherlands, my life is closely associated with that of Johan Cruyff, the Dutch football icon who died Thursday at the age of 68. Wherever I would go around the world, people would bring up "Kroif".
The city found a way to allow the ex-officer to purchase his partner for $1.
The game was turned on its head four minutes after the break as Van Rhijn played a loose pass back to Veltman. Neymar pounced
In the new man wearing shirt number 23, Tottenham Hotspur appears to have found its new number 10.
AJAX Vermeer Van Rhijn, Alderweireld, Moisander, Blind De Jong, Poulsen, Eriksen Sana, Babel, Boerrigter REAL MADRID Casillas
One of the biggest complaints about soccer among non-soccer fans is that players dive and embellish injuries far too often
Amateur video taken Sunday shows the trophy fall backward off the bus, apparently after colliding with overhead tram wires
Football's young guns are hoping to steal the show and earn both money and a name.
The Related Westpac fiasco has left Snowmass with a gaping wound that will take a decade to close. Improvements at Aspen Mountain are likely to take a backseat to backfilling at Snowmass.