If you do go out and the "tip of your AK-47 touches the tip of your buddy's AK," you're not properly socially distancing, she warns on "Saturday Night Live."
The gun-loving linebacker's picture triggers criticism.
Anthony Lamar Smith was fatally shot by Jason Stockley following a car chase in 2011.
The early morning gunfight outside a Dallas-area restaurant left the suspect in critical condition, police said.
That doesn't make it any less terrifying when these powerful civilian weapons are used to kill.
An illusive serial bank robber dubbed the "AK-47 Bandit" is believed to have struck again, police said. Like Us On Facebook
The Obama administration last week announced a new round of sanctions against Russia that it says are intended to discourage
Even children who are not directly hit by gun violence suffer the collateral damage of living in an unsafe environment saturated with guns that are routinely used to settle conflicts or to exact retaliation.
Two mobsters indulge their lifelong vendetta against one another with a high stakes game of-- You'll see.