akilah hughes

YouTube is celebrating creators of color and urging them to keep making history.
"Can you believe that your entirely white class just turned to stare at you because your teacher brought up Harriet Tubman?"
“Let’s face it ladies: The media loves congratulating men for looking like sweaty, sloppy monsters who don’t try hard at
Akilah Hughes rains on the "dad bod" parade
So, why can we worship "imperfect" male bodies, but not female ones? According to Hughes, it's because famous women are expected
"So you're trying to say 'Hey pizza is just as good as burgers. Pizza is just as satisfying as burgers. Pizza deserves the
If you've seen a fair share of natural hair video tutorials on YouTube, then you know many natural hair vloggers all seem
You might remember Anna Kendrick performing the "Cups" song, "When I'm Gone," in "Pitch Perfect." Since Kendrick popularized
Did you know there are five fun ways to walk in heels? Oh, you didn't? That's because there aren't. But at least Akilah knows
Looking for a makeup tutorial? The Internet has a cajillion, but if you are looking for an honest tutorial you may have to
When Olivia Pope from the hit TV series "Scandal" goes grocery shopping, nothing can stand in her way, and we mean nothing
The weekend is approaching. You are a 20-something girl. What are you going to do? Let's get real, you will probably do exactly
Well, now Akilah is back to show us how to deal with being in no relationship at all. You might remember NYC-based writer
I think Black women are exoticized in interracial relationships because the media only portrays Black women in a few ways