"They don't care about the people," the rapper and co-founder of Akon Lighting Africa told TMZ.
Akon stops by the HuffPost studio with OG Boo Dirty to discuss their new music, his experience working with Lady Gaga and more.
The mogul is lighting up Africa and relaunching his music label.
Afara is a talented designer who specializes in wedding planning and creating imaginative sets, private party set ups, and innovative décor for several corporate events.
Only a handful of artists -- especially in the R&B genre -- have had a lengthy, always-relevant career in the biz. Monica clearly is one of them.
If that sounds like a dream, consider B. Howard's experience as the son of R&B singer Miki Howard who had Joe Jackson for
The singer-producer shares his plan to steer his fan base away from YouTube.
By Joseph D'Urso LONDON, May 21 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - S enegalese-American singer Akon, whose Akon Lighting Africa
There are several reasons why celebrities -- and lay folk -- change their names. Norma Jean Baker became Marilyn Monroe, now synonymous with bombshell beauty. I present 14 celebrities who changed their names, and seven reasons why they may have done so.
--Multiplatinum recording artist-producer Akon explains why Africa isn’t viewed as an ideal location to vacation for African
The continued conflict has forced millions of people from their homes with more than half of them being children. This disruption has adversely affected their daily lives, limiting access to food, water, health care and education.
The end of the year is a great time to survey workout music for two reasons. First, it provides a chance to look back at the year that's winding down and reminisce. Second, the new year is when folks make resolutions -- often to get into better shape -- and the recap includes a few songs that might help with that.
Her name is Ivy, Just Ivy. The European-born artist is ready to take the music world by storm with her debut single "Paradise."
Live shows are the prime opportunity for fans to get some facetime with their favorite musicians -- but some inevitably get