The lesson is that feeling morally superior or righteously indignant won't heal the world. The lesson is that your real religion is what you do when the sermon is over.
The scientific community is tired and their time should not be taken for granted. And there is the fact that time is running out. So what should be the next step?
The festival of lights is another Nobel tradition and it ended with Al Gore and Dr. Pachauri stepping onto the hotel balcony and waving thanks.
Rarely also does the largely Norwegian audience break into a standing ovation but it did today after Al Gore's powerful and emotional speech. It was an incredible speech.
Our love of living large has brought us to the brink of disaster, but how can we convince our fellow Americans that conservation is a civic duty?
The Law of the Sea detractors are global anti-socials whose preferred method of interaction for nearly every international problem is physical intimidation.
After this Nobel Prize, will it still be possible for the United States government to continue to do nothing to address the urgent crisis of global warming?