Al-Masry Al-Youm

The independent daily said Wednesday that they were released after posting 60,000 pounds ($7,663) bail
Most of the fezzes I saw were made from various shades of red felt and wool, although some were fashioned in black. So where
Who would have thought it would, once again, be referred to as the source of rocky ties between Egypt and Turkey? Most of
Egypt may get a freedom of information law, but it comes in the wake of renewed harassment of the media and revival of the infamous Information Ministry that was eliminated following the January 25 revolution.
The ax is falling and heads are rolling in Egyptian media to rid once stodgy state-run organizations of deadwood noted for hampering professional and balanced news reporting.
Democracy Now! interviewed journalist and editor Ahmad Shokr of the Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm, who called in from a landline in a Cairo hotel room Friday morning.
The government may have shut down religious channels, limited live political broadcasts and used licensing requirements to silence texting services, but this hasn't halted the political discourse.
Egypt and Sudan almost came to blows 17 years ago over the Halayeb region, said to be rich in manganese. Since then, the Sudanese government has called for a negotiated settlement of the dispute.
But, it pointed out, despite the increasing popularity of blogs and social media in the Arab world, over 80% of industry
Press freedom in Egypt is a minefield, but there is freedom to commit suicide through the media, said Ibrahim Essa, an outspoken Egyptian journalist who faces 23 lawsuits for daring to skewer his country's regime.