Al Pacino

The acting legend had appeared detached and even asleep during the actual awards show.
"SAY HELLO TO MY PILLOW FRIEND!" one Twitter user wrote of the "Hunters" star, who was nominated for Best Actor in a Television Drama Series.
The actor recalled an awkward moment at a movie premiere with his fellow film legend.
And it's not to do with the president's acting skills.
HBO film explores coach's role in Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal, "challenging his legacy."
President Obama lauded five honorees at a White House ceremony that will be his last before stepping down in January.
"What is the weight of a lie?" asks Judith Light in Neil LaBute's dramatic monologue, All the Ways to Say I Love You, at
"One woman for all that time? Why not?" Alex said with a broad smile. "A regular," I explained. "Not irregular." "I even
But Brando was often like a lone wolf. While the other guys were shooting the breeze before a scene, Brando would have four
The one's who attended were the best and the brightest in their field of finance, environment, medicine, communication and invention. They all gathered to share their insight to what the future holds, and many were geniuses in their own right.