Al Pacino

The actor recalled an awkward moment at a movie premiere with his fellow film legend.
HBO film explores coach's role in Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal, "challenging his legacy."
President Obama lauded five honorees at a White House ceremony that will be his last before stepping down in January.
"What is the weight of a lie?" asks Judith Light in Neil LaBute's dramatic monologue, All the Ways to Say I Love You, at
But Alex said he feels especially blessed to be married to Maria, his wife of 39 years. The two men carried on a brief conversation
Pacino and Brando -- from The Annotated Godfather Grosso had previously gone nationwide doing publicity for the book, and
The one's who attended were the best and the brightest in their field of finance, environment, medicine, communication and invention. They all gathered to share their insight to what the future holds, and many were geniuses in their own right.
I can only imagine what Winston Churchill would have made of Daniel Berrigan. I do find it rather poignant to recall Father Berrigan, the Jesuit priest and peace activist, who died last Saturday at 94 and whose funeral Mass is today in New York City, descending on Chartwell Booksellers, my little Winston Churchill bookshop, in April 1988 to read from his then-just-published memoir, To Dwell in Peace.
As it turns out, lots of openly queer people have won Oscars. But you know what? I don't mind that Sam Smith didn't know that. It's a good thing that we've gotten to the point where it's possible to lose count of the number of openly queer people who've won Academy Awards.
The immersion into Phyllida Lloyd's meticulously crafted reimagination of "Henry IV" begins before the audience steps foot into the new home of St. Ann's Warehouse.
The unpredictable kismet that Broadway producers face deigns that sometimes you end up with something brilliant that no one, alas, wants to see. Contrarily, you sometimes come up with a decidedly non-workable show that people nevertheless demand to see, in droves.
We miss our opportunities of love, happiness, career and success because we refuse to learn the lessons that come our way.
A Colombian graphic artist has touched a nerve with his 'Me & My Other Me' series.
The word was out and I got a call from Marty Bregman's assistant. Al, now famous as Michael Corleone, Serpico, and many other roles wanted to produce and was looking for someone to develop scripts, and more or less take care of his office. Would I be interested? Why not?
"This story wasn't going away," said David Simon explaining his persistence in making the six-part mini series, Show Me a Hero, he co wrote with William F. Zorzi based on Lisa Belkin's 1999 book.