al shabab

Gunfire continued into Wednesday morning, and dozens of trapped people were rescued overnight.
Reports that Iraqi Baathists, Iranian elements, and others have played a role in the workings of ISIS do not appear to be in keeping with the principle of ideological purity on which the Islamic State says it is based.
[10] United States Census Bureau, "Trade in Goods with Djibouti," accessed 3/27/2016. USAID, "Food Assistance Fact Sheet
Why do thousands of people, especially young men, join or support violent organizations, especially those like ISIS -- and how do we stem this tide?
The bombing hit the center of the city of Mogadishu.
The destruction would include art music, and with it, one of the jewels in the crown of Western civilization. A ban on music
It was the country's worst terror attack in nearly two decades, and some fear it could happen again.
The Somalian militant group has showed no signs of stopping its attacks.
Witnesses said that gunmen shouted "Allahu akbar," the Arabic phrase for "God is great," as they entered the restaurant.
Alexander McNabb's hot adventure "A Decent Bomber" for a change wasn't set in the Arab world, but managed, in its Irish venue, to tie back to the region he's used as a backdrop for earlier novels.
"Just by opening the university we have won the war against al-Shabab," a counselor at the school said.
If at least some American politicians and a significant portion of the public can see that Trump's proposal can be used to recruit terrorists, why can't they see that the U.S. government's post-9/11 attacks on or invasions of at least seven Muslim countries is far worse?
Available evidence at this time points to an "insider threat." Someone with privileged access to airport food service and flight line facilities, rather than a passenger who was required to go through airport screening.
One of the victims of the post-Enlightenment secularizing momentum was religion which was relinquished to the sphere of personal