Alain Ducasse

Basically the equivalent of dining inside the Statue of Liberty.
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Five score and four years ago, a butcher named Benoit Matray opened a Paris bistro that bore his name (above) and the promise
What can I say? It was a revelation. Like the opening of a hit play on Broadway. BRAVO! All the grande pompe of its iconic facade and bright, brilliantly RED awnings hang like masts blowing in the wind.
By Nancy and James Chuda founders of LuxEcoLiving and Healthy Child Healthy World LuxEcoLiving "If I can't have too many
Call them the seedlings of Ducasse; chefs who impart their own culinary abilities, sensibly designed and orchestrated under enormous pressure, almost a self-affliction leading to perfectionism. What else could merit his praise?
Flowers, chocolates, perfume -- it's what most of us give the moms in our lives on Mother's Day. But why be conventional? After all, moms have many lives -- they work, they travel, they lead. Get a gift for the woman she is besides a mom.
"We don’t make any money out of it, but it’s very important to know if we can do it," Ducasse said. For the past couple of
  Recognizing the truth to taste, real taste without any additives or processed ingredients, is the secret of Ducasse's philosophy
She longed to create the warmth of those beloved comforting rotisseries and merge her adult and childhood worlds.
He's so passionate about eating good bread that he even brings his own flour on vacation.
Charlie Trotter was the consummate chef. As a role model, mentor and great friend to so many of us chefs around the world, he will never be replaced. And for those of us lucky enough to eat at his tables, let's forever consider ourselves grateful.
I sat at a roulette table and made a few bets alongside a Saudi man betting astronomical sums and some attractive Brazilians.
My first experience with blood sausage was something between the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Oliver Twist.
From Las Vegas to Monte Carlo and Singapore, phenomenal chefs have opened restaurants in casinos around the world. Here are Food & Wine's best picks for casino dining.
Ice cream is a blank slate. Like its old pal cake, ice cream is fine plain but can be adapted endlessly with every flavor and texture you can think of... and some you can't.
Spago Chef Wolfgang Puck called me the morning after he catered the dinner at George Clooney's house for President Obama, and he was kind enough to detail the menu for that special evening.
What does it mean to be a resident of the Metropolitan D.C. region? What defines us as a people and a culture?