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Voters cast their ballots Sunday in what polls going in showed to be a tight race.
While it is important for both Washington and its anti-Assad allies to ready a contingency "Plan B" in case the peace effort does fail -- just having one in reserve can deter the Damascus authorities from aborting the peace initiative -- the "Friends" should not be in unseemly haste to bury it alive.
Will Turkey and others ensure that Syrian opposition forces have enough military support to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad? Suddenly, it's a fast moving saga.
Rebel military leaders Ramadan Zarmouh and Ahmed Hachem and the Misrata representative of the opposition government, Souleiman
DCB: "You can kiss that permanent seat Good-Bye! If you don't take responsibility in a situation like this you deserve a
M. Sarkozy may not be on the wrong side of history, but he seems to be on the wrong side of the tactical situation. Muammar Gadhafi seems to be wrapping up the opposition to his regime.