alan grayson

The Florida Democrat introduced a bill that would force parties to present new nominees if that was the most popular option.
Alan Grayson explains what he wants "none of the above" on future ballots.
The man behind "die quickly" had plenty more barbs.
Let's take a romp through the best of Alan Grayson over the years.
Tim Canova, who's trying to unseat former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the House, has raised a greater share of his funds from small donors so far than any other congressional candidate.
The Democratic Party spending millions of dollars to defeat Grayson and Sestak in the primaries is short-sighted, to say the least.
Flournoy is indeed advocating that direct U.S. military power be used to overthrow the Syrian government - exactly what many advocates of more direct U.S. military intervention for regime change in Syria hoped would be accomplished in September 2013.