alan henning

"It saddens me that ... we’re celebrating the killing of this deranged, pathetic young man."
"We want them to know that their father's death was not in vain and that the work that Alan was so committed to will also
Henning's wife Barbara and his two teenage children said they were devastated at the loss of a man who had cared about the
The Alan Henning murder has just made Eid tomorrow a dismal Affair for Muslims in the west — Enam (@JustEnam) October 3, 2014
A video released on Friday appears to show the killing of Alan Henning by militants of the Islamic State. More from the Associated
The extremist group threatened to kill Alan Henning, a 47-year-old taxi driver from Eccles, in a video showing the beheading
The militant Islamic State group has released a new video in which a man identifying himself as a British journalist says that he will "show you the truth" about ISIS and how western media is manipulating the public. The chilling video shows a man who says he is John Cantlie. Cantlie, a former reporter for the Sunday Times, the Sun and the Sunday Telegraph, went missing in Syria in 2012, but was later freed by the Free Syrian Army. Cantlie reportedly then returned to Syria in 2012.
"We've considered every possible option to support these kidnap victims, both British and others, and if we knew where they
Henning is a former cab driver from Manchester, according to the Manchester Evening News. He was reportedly captured in the