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Simpson, along with his wife Ann, were interviewed for a new podcast from WNYC called "Death, Sex & Money," hosted by reporter
2014-04-14-AFERalansimpson2014414small.pngIt's not exactly news when a Republican endorses marriage equality, since it happens all the time. But this is a big deal: Former Sen. Alan Simpson, a fixture of Wyoming politics for decades, is now appearing in an ad for Freedom to Marry.
Last month, Simpson joined a group of Republicans in filing a friend-of-the-court brief in the 10th Circuit in support of
Now that his "naked" vs. "nekkid" expertise is out in the open, another quotable quotable from former Sen. Alan Simpson (R
Former Sen. Alan Simpson (R-Wyo.) knows a thing or two about deficit reduction. He also appears to be a keen linguist.
“Do you know the difference between naked and nekkid?” Simpson asked. “If you’re naked, you don’t have any clothes on, but
Earlier this week, Politico's Byron Tau reported on the sad state of The Can Kicks Back, a deficit-hack outfit spun off of Fix The Debt, whose unique strategy in the "OMG TEH DEFICITZ" Wars was to attempt the enlistment of millenials in the effort to impoverish their grandparents.
“Without someone/something else covering staff costs and without fundraising miracles like Stan or near-Stan happening consistently
On Monday, Simpson, who has often seemed at pains over the conflict, sounded relieved that the intraparty fight, which strained
Simpson, who is backing incumbent Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) in his 2014 battle against Cheney, was reacting to a tense exchange