Alan Watts

I reached out to Rokab to get additional insights: "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. There are a thousand
Buddhism is very helpful in thinking about these problems, but we can find similar sentiments from our own history. In his
This interview is going down in the books as one of our all-time favorites. Period.
The builder looked around the project. There were materials: lumber, nails, tools and the manpower necessary to get the job
"Once you've learned to think you can't stop. And an enormous number of people devote their lives to keeping their minds
Today, as my empty house and I sat quietly together amid the shifting shadows at the spot where the piano had resided for those 25 years, there were some tears. How could there not be?
He'd no doubt find Samantha's remark that not having a body has distinct advantages a hoot.
In the end it is not a movie about the end of men. It's about breaking the man trance. It frees us all from everything we thought a relationship should be and uplifts us toward a higher state of living called "joy."
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Many people still privately yearn for a grand spiritual epiphany that will transform everything, make them forever happy, and solve all their problems.