Alan Watts

Several ecological schools are now having kids plant organic gardens, so that instead of having heavily processed fast food
"What would you like to do if money were no object?" A potent question British philosopher Alan Watts asks us to consider in his lecture on human life, "Do You Do It, or Does It Do You?"
Buddhism is very helpful in thinking about these problems, but we can find similar sentiments from our own history. In his
This interview is going down in the books as one of our all-time favorites. Period.
I've started to hoard cans of beans and fruit, and yet I live in paradise, pick oranges and lemons off a tree in my backyard
British philosopher Alan Watts poses the question in his speech on worry, which he describes as "a mind in the grip of vicious
Today, as my empty house and I sat quietly together amid the shifting shadows at the spot where the piano had resided for those 25 years, there were some tears. How could there not be?
He'd no doubt find Samantha's remark that not having a body has distinct advantages a hoot.
In the end it is not a movie about the end of men. It's about breaking the man trance. It frees us all from everything we thought a relationship should be and uplifts us toward a higher state of living called "joy."
"Mommy if Pinocchio became real and I become a real boy can I come home?" This was originally posted to The Screaming Pope
Many people still privately yearn for a grand spiritual epiphany that will transform everything, make them forever happy, and solve all their problems.
Choose freedom. Dare to think for yourself. Your very choice is an expression of affection for the true you. I think Alan Watts would agree there is no more noble act than to elevate your consciousness above the roar of what others have to say, so you can hear what you have to say.
Just as a sponge can only take on water after being wrung out, so too must we be able -- regardless of our experience or education -- to continually renounce our own fullness, lest we become bloated and stale.
Action is your manifesting gift -- and for every single one mistaking kindness for weakness there's another letting equanimity
Being out of control in the service of learning, fun and growth, oddly enough, places you in control of your life, because you are self-determining its content.
Robinson emphasizes the importance of intrinsic motivation, doing things for their own sake, yet he also argues that our
At the other extreme are those, including myself, who never feel the bliss. Our compulsion to sit day after day arises from
Later I woke in the night saying aloud, "a beautiful aspect of nonduality is the rebirth of duality."