A few weeks ago, I headed up to Alba in search of the ​tartufo bianco​, that coveted white truffle so hidden in the hard dirt of the Langhe region that finding even a small one is like striking gold, the edible kind.
Putting Arneis on the Map   Courtesy Ceretto The day of our visit, an installation by the local artist Valerio Berruti fills
Gastronomes are well aware of the deadly upward spiral of the Alba white truffle, the jewel of Italian gastronomy. Priced at under $1000 a lb. within my memory (which seemed expensive then!), this very special tuber has climbed over the years... in the 2012 season, over $3000 a lb.
If Obama's underlying objective was to intimidate Latin American nations over the Snowden affair, his strategy has colossally backfired. Indeed, much to the chagrin of the White House, Latin nations have rallied to Snowden's defense.
The book is about making environmentally safe changes in our lives but as the 31-year-old Alba points out “it isn’t extreme
With promises to boost spending for the poor, Correa's popularity soared in the lead up to the Ecuador election, as he capitalized on the surge in world oil prices and the commodity boom in Latin America to initiate a spree of social spending. Sound familiar?
For just one man, Julian Assange has certainly managed to discombobulate a large swathe of the geopolitical system. It now seems fair to say that the high-stakes drama unfolding in London and the Ecuadoran Embassy has taken on wider political implications.
Undeterred by the rightist opposition, Lugo ploughed ahead and signed a communications agreement with Chávez to expand South
Despite receiving little fanfare, this meeting was concerning for those of us who dedicate ourselves to human freedom for two important reasons.
President Martelly must recognize that the future prosperity of the Haitian people will not come from an association with the world's despots but with the hard work of fighting corruption, creating opportunities and educating his people.
Nicaragua, historically one of the most unstable countries in a region not known for its stability, appears to have given up its fight. In a season of political activism, Nicaragua's fraudulent election has shone for its silence -- and acquiescence.
The United States has always been motivated to action by the plight of others. We have always stood beside the oppressed as they seek to win their freedom.
The Cancún Agreement was feted as a success, since it put forth 2.0 as the maximum temperature for the first time and mentioned
The WikiLeaks scandal could well turn into the Climate Gate scandal. There's got to be a concerted campaign on Brazil so that we can see some movement at Cancún.
For those who applaud Mr. Assange and his particular version of cyber-terrorism, I would ask them how they feel about the
In styles more reminiscent of soap operas than official statements, ALBA nations lashed out at conference participants of one of literally thousands of conferences in Washington every year.
Relatively defenseless in the face of global warming, developing countries are looking for a champion. Who will speak up for them in Mexico?