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Shawn Douglas was arrested after he allegedly abducted two tenants he was unable to evict due to COVID-19 restrictions.
Every day, stories are in the newspapers trying to figure out what made the Tsarnaev brothers do what they did. To get to the why, you have to get into the head of the person.
As Lawrence Lessig says, "It is as if America ran two elections every cycle, one a money election and one a voting election. To get to the second, you need to win the first. But to win the first, you must keep that tiniest fraction of the one percent happy."
Today, Ken Mehlman is at the state capital in Albany trying to drum up support for gay marriage in NY. But he is not adding anything to the gay community; he is simply trying to pick up the pieces of his own mistakes.
The only good way to end New York state's fiscal crisis is job creation and economic growth -- but much of state government doesn't seem to have gotten the message.
I thought nothing could be worse than the past. Just to remind everyone, we just came out of the "client #9" fiasco. Eliot
The corrupt and dysfunctional environment in Albany does not excuse the abuse of power of which the governor, the state police and his top aide have been accused.
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Because there has been no threat to the power structure in Albany for so long, players left and right have learned to play the system, and the lawmakers have done nothing to upset the cart.