Albert Brooks

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Before the HBO hit, he was best known for creating the unlucky stuntman character Super Dave Osborne.
Co-starring David Oyelowo, Alessandro Nivola and Albert Brooks, as the Morales' legal counsel ("There are no forks in peoples
With Curatorial Intern: Katie Hernandez Humor is not usually the first thing that comes up when we talk about contemporary
And how to release it. But, there's also interesting ways. Look, soon, film is gone. Already there are enough theaters where
As the guy who doesn't get the pretty girl, Albert Brooks does get the laughs.
2011-01-18-BroadcastNews_image_01.jpgA legendary film captured the battle over the soul of news and the women and men who delivered it.
I asked him the other day while I was helping him add quotes to his newest book: "Are you afraid to die?" "No" he said." I'm not afraid to die. I just want to live."