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A question hovers over "traditional" evangelicals such as me, wistful for the pre-1980 era when the term defined a solid theological position divorced from politics: What to do? Should we hunt for a different label? Maybe so.
We want to have heroes, and we want to remember the good times, but the times our Bible discusses were not idyllic, not even really good.
“If you can’t congratulate the couple, how can you attend?” Rev. Albert Mohler writes in his new book.
Christians have sinned against gays by "reducing a massive human struggle to simplistic explanations," said Albert Mohler.
"It puts those of us who advocate both for marriage as the union of a man and a woman and for religious liberty, including
This "crisis in the chaplaincy" is a self-inflicted wound caused by those who want special rights for service members and chaplains who share their particular conservative religious beliefs.
The Gospel of Judas has been reexamined and again found to be authentic. By analyzing the unique ink used and how that ink interacted with the ancient papyrus, scientists concluded anew that the document is genuine.
Mohler is no Osama bin Laden but clearly there is a place where Mohler's Christian fundamentalism and the Islamic fundamentalism of the late bin Laden find common ground.
Evangelicals have to move our focus away from right wing politics and begin focusing on mission. When I say mission, I don't mean saving souls so much as pursuing the kingdom of God.
Whenever I read yet another article, essay, book, or blog on the Bible and homosexuality, I feel exactly the same way as Murray's character did, caught in an endlessly repeating loop of Bible bashing. This cycle must end, now.
Facing the radical insufficiency of even our best ideas about God, even for a moment, may help us see the static and fruitless opposition that characterizes much of the science-religion debate.
The Westar Institutes' Bible Seminar will seek to reclaim the Bible from voices like Mohler's and to promote dialogue between scholars, clergy and lay members of churches.
Can evangelical theology evolve in its relation to scientific inquiry or is it destined for extinction?
Calls for reforming the community's engagement of homosexuality are, I think, having an effect. In my observation, evangelicals increasingly are fed up with the way the Christian church has often spoken to and about gays and lesbians
Atonement comes not from belief in Jesus Christ but from getting on your knees in front of the wife whose heart you broke, begging her forgiveness, and placing yourself in an environment of change that will help sustain your new moral commitment.
This isn't the first time that Mohler has spoken strongly of his belief that Jews need Christ to be saved. He once compared Judaism to a tumor that needed to be removed.
Requests for prayer have also been popular on Twitter. Phone lines for several churches and pastors were not working Monday
By Kevin Eckstrom Religion News Service This story was reported by Daniel Burke, Adelle M. Banks, Nicole Neroulias, Omar
I'm pleading with my fellow Christians to change -- to make a marked transition from being the most judgmental and angry to the most accepting and loving.